Storms come with a lot of risk both to you and your home. After a storm has hit your area, there are several potential hazards. You should be aware of your hazards and check for them after every storm.Β 

Falling Trees

During a storm, your trees can sustain some damage. While you want to be considerate of the health of your trees, you also need to recognize that any damage they have can become a hazard to your home. Damaged trees are more likely to fall or lose limbs that could fall on your home. This sort of damage can be expensive to repair. If you have the chance, inspect your trees before a storm to see how they will hold up. After the storm, look for any leaning trees and broken branches. It can be helpful to have a professional trim/prune or even remove your trees after a storm in order to protect your home from further damage.Β 

Electrical Hazards

A storm can affect the electrical wiring on the exterior of your home and it can even cause some interior damage as well. Water damage can also lead to electrical hazards in your home. If your home has had any electrical problems after a storm, you should have a professional come in to inspect your electrical system. Performing electrical work on your own can be dangerous. You risk getting serious electrical shocks or creating potential fire hazards in your home. It is safer to hire a professional instead. Professional electricians wear special clothing for protection when repairing electrical systems. They also are highly trained and know how to perform the work safely.Β 

Flooding and Water Damage

If you experience heavy rain or floods, you may experience some water damage in your home. Water damage can be dangerous for many reasons. As mentioned, it can impact your electrical system and cause serious hazards. Flooding and water damage can also weaken the structure of your home. Often, water damage goes unnoticed and it can become more and more of a problem over time. After a storm, you should do your best to check your home for any type of water damage. Some signs of water damage include dark/wet spots, cracking or bubbling (walls, ceiling, and floor), and sounds or running water.Β 

Storms can be frightening to experience, but they can also lead to some serious hazards after they pass. It’s important to check your home after every storm to make sure everything is safe. You want to keep your home well protected.

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