Regardless of its current condition, the bottom level of your home is filled with potential. With a little attention to detail and tender loving care, this space can quickly become the home’s most popular location. However, there are a few key points you should keep in mind when you decide it’s time to finish your basement.

Protect It From Water

According to Absolute Foundation Repair, a dry basement is critical to your homeโ€™s comfort and stability, and can also help prevent health problems associated with living in an overly damp environment. A basement that is prone to flooding or retaining moisture can be the cause of a number of problems that include the loss of personal property, damage to your home’s foundation, and the growth of mold and mildew.

There are a number of ways to fight the water making its way into your basement. Apply waterproof coatings to the exterior. Use sealants to reinforce trouble spots and injections for cracks you find in the foundation. A water pump can be utilized to remove excess moisture and eliminate any water that makes its way through these protections.

Keep It Well Insulated

According to Fine Homebuilding, a well-insulated basement will provide you and your family with a number of benefits. First of all, basements that contain insulation are much warmer in the colder months than basements that are not insulated. Likewise, it is much easier to keep these spaces cool in the summer.

Insulation will also help to prevent moisture from entering a basement space through the walls of your foundation. Additionally, insulation in your basement may be necessary to reach a code-compliant state in your municipality.

Choose Your Flooring

The Flooring Girl recommends taking care when choosing flooring options for your basement. Basements are usually at least partially below ground. They are also often a little darker and much damper than other parts of a home. These factors work to create a different set of challenges when choosing the flooring you will use. Concrete flooring is a common choice for homeowners who will use their basement to perform heavy work. Keta stone has also shown high resistance to the wear and tear of machinery. Homeowners who are more interested in using their basement as living space may do well with marble stone or ceramic tile flooring.

An unfinished basement is filled with potential and just waiting for you to decide how it will be used. The options for finishing your basement are endless, the biggest limit being your own creativity. Just remember to keep in mind these concepts that will help you maintain the comfort and structural integrity of your basement as you work to finish it.

Finishing a basement can add value to your home. If youโ€™re wondering how much your home is worth, fill out our home valuation form here and weโ€™ll get in touch.

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