Having a great BBQ always requires you to have great food. And having great food at your outdoor gathering should definitely involve a grill. Summertime is the best time to fire up this amazing cooking machine and if you are able to master the art of grilling all the different kinds of food you put on the rack, you’re in for some delicious gatherings.


Grilling steak is perhaps one of the best parts of the grilling period. It takes a little practice to master the art, but once you do, you’ll never go back. Steak is one of those meats that is just generally the best suited for the grill. The meat responds well to high heat, getting a nice crust and sear on the outside while still heating through the interior of the meat to leave it just cooked enough.


Grilling great steak starts with preparing the meat well. Make sure that you aren’t taking frozen steaks to the grill as this can mess with the meat’s actual ability to cook. Instead, let your meat naturally defrost in the fridge.



Grilling different kinds of fish might not be the first thing you think of when you go to fire up the grill but doing so can add some depth and flavor to your grilling menu. If you’re new to grilling fish, you’ll want to start with the right kinds of filets. Choosing fish that are more sturdy and less flaky can help you be sure to not have fish that flakes too easily or sticks to the grill, ultimately ending up in the trash.


You should also make sure that you cut your filets down to size so that they are more manageable portions. Having large filets will make it difficult to actually cook them thoroughly without getting them stuck on the grill. Also, if you’re going to be grilling fish as well as other meats, try to grill your fish first. Fish tends to adhere to and then cling to any debris or food left on the grill. So it’s essential that you have a squeaky clean grill to begin with.


Skewer Meat

Skewer meat is another fun way to go when it comes to barbequing. Regardless of the kinds of meat you go with, you’ll want to figure out how to cut the meat to the right size cubes so that you are sure it will cook thoroughly. These sizes will likely vary based on the type of meat you go with so be thoughtful in your selection.


You don’t want to accidentally pick two kinds of meat that cook at very different speeds and temperatures and then put the same size cubes onto the same skewer to cook. That is a nightmare waiting to happen—you’ll end up with one meat that is uncooked and one meat that is overdone.


It’s also important to select the right kind of skewers when doing skewers on the BBQ. Bamboo skewers are pretty strong and sturdy, making them easier to use on the grill. Additionally, bamboo skewers are biodegradable, so you can reduce your environmental footprint.



Grilling your vegetables is such a great way to give them a little added flavor, making them that much easier to swallow. Grilling your vegetables can take the form of skewering and marinating them or it can mean simply giving your onions a little smoky flavor before they land on the burger bun.


Whatever you do, try out different combinations and ways of grilling. You should also invest in a metal perforated tray that can be placed on the grill. This comes in incredibly handy if you simply want grilled smoky cut vegetables. It will help prevent small cut vegetables like onion or peppers from slipping through the spaces in the grill racks.



Grilling fruit might sound a little weird at first but it can actually result in some of the best dishes ever. Be sure to pick fruits that are firm and big enough to grill so they won’t fall apart on the grill. For starters, a classic fruit to grill is pineapple. You can serve grilled pineapple as a dessert after the main courses are served or you can even grill it on the same skewers as vegetables and meat.


You might want to even consider wrapping your pineapple in tin foil with a little brown sugar and letting it sit on the grill for a while. You could also place your pineapple directly on the coals. When you finally unwrap it and eat the pineapple, it will be nicely caramelized and so tangy and delicious.



Grilling chicken is another great way to get the most out of your BBQ-ing. Having chicken as an option for your guests gives them something a little healthier on the menu in addition to the other heavy-duty meats. But grilling chicken can be a challenge for even the most advanced grillers so be sure to follow some of these tips.


The first thing to remember is that chicken doesn’t respond as well to high heat as other meats do. You’ll need to put your chicken cuts—whether thighs, breasts, or wings—on low to medium heat and let them cook for a while. You should also remember to season them heavily and well.


Breads and Buns

One way to take your grilling to the next level of culinary mastery is to simply toast your bread and buns on the grill for a bit. Doing this will help them have a delicious slight crunch while also collecting some of the smoky flavor from the grill.


When it comes to roasting your bread and buns, try to situate them on the upper rack of the grill if you have that. Being directly on the heat will likely result in them getting black. Being a bit removed will help them get that nice crunch and a little bit of toasty-ness.


As you learn your grill more and more, don’t let the different methods of grilling different foods intimidate you too much. Start with one kind of meat or with another kind of food and learn that thing. Then move on to the next once you’ve mastered the last.

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