Your beautiful home takes care of you, and you’ve always worked hard to take care of your home as well. But it can be easy during a pandemic to forget your home’s outdoor maintenance needs while spending so much time inside. It’s tricky to know what needs the most care and what maintenance takes precedence over other things! What types of exterior maintenance should you schedule in every few years?

Siding Maintenance

If your home has siding, regardless of the type, you need to yearly do an inspection for maintenance needs. This can be noticing a part of siding which has warped, or which has pest damage of some sort. You also want to make sure to repaint if needed, and replace any parts which have fallen or are wind or storm damaged. Remember, the siding is the outer layer, almost like a skin, to your home. You’d never let your phone be used without a good case to protect the inside, and making sure your home’s encasement is taken care of is just as critical!

Driveway Repair

Depending on the material of your driveway, you’ll need maintenance at certain times. For instance, asphalt’s durability makes it a great option for your driveway. It does, however, still need inspection and maintenance. Pressure washing is needed at least every five years. Then, seal coating is advised to prolong the life of the asphalt. Regardless of your type of driveway, it’s smart to fill any small cracks, which will help prevent them from becoming larger ones which need professional repair work.


Every year you need to look at and carefully inspect your foundation. Your foundation holds up your home, but is vulnerable to damage from water, pests, and the shifting of the earth. This can include things like looking for cracks in the foundation which need repair, looking for reasons for the cracks, and especially looking for pest damage. Termite damage can destroy your home, so finding them early is key. Having a termite bond on your home can prevent a world of damage and pain later on, as well as protecting your financial investment long term.


Your beautiful home needs your protection in order to remain sound both physically and fiscally! Even if you are physically unable to do the repairs yourself, or inspect the exterior of your home, having a trusted friend or inspector walk around outside to help make sure you document what is needed can help. Get your list together and tackle small bits at a time!


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