Being a landlord can be an exhausting and taxing job, but it is a needed job. While managing the expenses of your properties can be daunting, you can learn DIY skills that can help reduce costs and make you a better landlord. Knowing how to do basic DIY skills will help you keep your properties looking nice and clean for new tenants and help reduce the cost of maintaining the property.


Hiring a company to mow the lawn, trim the edges, plant flowers, trim trees, etc. all adds up to a hefty price. Landscaping is also a reoccurring project in order to keep homes looking neat and well-maintained. Knowing how to mow a lawn and trim the edges yourself can save you money. It will take you time to landscape the property yourself, but landscaping can make the property look its best and it’s a skill you can use on all of your properties—including your own home.

Plumbing Basics

You should also learn basic plumbing skills. Plumbing can be notoriously difficult, but it’s also a common issue that you will likely encounter as a landlord. You can hire a plumber, but you can save money if you know how at least a few plumbing basics. You should first understand the difference between freshwater and wastewater systems. Freshwater systems are systems in the house that bring clean, usable water, like water to the shower and sink taps. Wastewater systems are drainage systems that whisk that water away in drains to be disposed of.

Carpentry Basics

Knowing how to use a hammer and nails can solve simple carpentry problems. For example, if there’s a wooden hole in a fence on one of the properties that you own, you can buy the replacement parts and hammer it in yourself. Knowing basic carpentry skills can help you make simple repairs. Keeping a set of tools on hand can come in handy if there’s only something minor broken. If the screen door is loose, you can use a screwdriver and reattach the screws. Knowing basic tools and how to use them can help you keep your properties looking better for years to come.

As a landlord, you have a responsibility to your properties and to your tenants who live in those properties. Properties can be expensive to maintain, but by knowing some DIY skills, you can reduce costs.

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