Energy consumption is an important topic. Not only is high energy consumption very costly, but it is damaging to the environment. CO2 emissions and other pollutants have been shown to harm the environment and human health. By taking a look at critical areas in your home that deal with energy consumption, you can protect the environment and save some money.


Most of the energy that is consumed by residential homes goes towards keeping the home at a comfortable temperature. In the summer that means pumping heat out of the house, and in winter that means pumping heat in. If your house isnโ€™t well insulated, then heat can easily enter or leave the house at the wrong time. This means that your HVAC system is going to be working harder than necessary. Check to make sure that the walls of your home are well insulated. Check windows and doors to make sure that the weather stripping is adequate. You may even wish to consider replacing your regular windows with insulated ones.


HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These three systems are very important for both comfort and health. They also consume a lot of energy. If your HVAC system is old, it may need to be repaired so that it can continue to run at peak efficiency. Obvious signs of problems in your HVAC system are that the house has trouble warming up or cooling down. But there are less obvious signs, as such, you should make sure to have a professional inspect it occasionally. You should clean your furnace filters before undergoing major repairs. Sometimes, heating and cooling problems are due to clogged filters blocking airflow.


The modern age has blessed us with many appliances that make our lives easier. Many of these appliances can be found in the kitchen. These appliances suck up a lot of energy when they are running, especially if they are old. If you replace your old appliances with new ones, you can save yourself a lot of money on energy costs. Depending on the efficiency of your old and new appliances, the new appliance can pay for itself in just a few years. Aside from upgrading appliances, you can also save energy by unplugging them or making sure they are turned off when not in use.

While it may take a little bit of work to be more energy efficient, it is a cause worth working for. You donโ€™t want to throw away your hard-earned money on high electrical bills. You donโ€™t want to destroy our beautiful planet or damage your health either. Prevent these things by conserving energy.

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