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Many people, that are nowadays big players in the real estate business, started originally with equity investors. They lent money from relatives, friends or business partners for (at the beginning) high interest rates, to make their first profitable real estate project. After their first profitable project, they gained equity and they were able to use their own money.

You should always have your eyes open for people, that have more money and trust you (if you are trustworthy) and / or don’t have access to profitable investments.

Banks currently pay only extremely low interest rates.

Many people are complaining that banks pay very low interest rates currently and there is also no alternative. Use the actual economic situation and offer them a good deal.

Suppliers are also an interesting approach: Imagine you want to buy an apartment house, flat or building. You have to repair and restore a lot.


The chance with the construction company

Supposing you find a construction company in Richmond, Virginia that has a lot of equity for themselves and you offer them following deal: when you give me the equity, so that I can buy a real estate, you will get for security a subordinated debt (secondary security) after the bank. On this money, you pay interest rate to them, but (and that is more important) you give the construction company the total order for the restoration of the real estate. The Wilson Group has a lot of real estate in Richmond, Virginia. It can be your start to become a big player in real estate investing and we will help you with that. All you have to focus is to build equity, so that you can start with real estate investments.

The more attractive your offer is, the more likely it will be, that somebody will help you. The construction company would not give you their equity probably for the interest rate, but maybe for the interest rate and the future order you provide them.

You should make a list of resources, which business partners with a lot of money, have high interest on your welfare.

Because we care

The Wilson Group want to give you motivation and incentives to start becoming a real estate investor in Richmond, Virginia. Together we will find the right real estate, based on your interests. We are the only real estate company in Richmond, VA, which will focus only on you!

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