Selling your home is a major life decision you have to put a lot of careful thought into. But once you have made that decision, you are opening up a whole other can of worms. Selling or buying a home is a complicated process for many individuals, and it can easily get confusing. This is especially true when it comes to the hidden costs and fees that are buried throughout the process. Here are three important costs that you should factor in when you are selling your home.

Real Estate Commissions

The first cost that you need to factor in when selling your home is the real estate commissions. As the seller, if you are working with a real estate agent or realtor, you are going to be responsible for paying them an agreed upon commission for their time and work on your home sale. The good news is this cost doesn’t come right out of your pocket, but rather will be deducted from the money you earn from your home sale. That being said, depending on the value of your home this commission could be thousands or even millions of dollars.

The Costs of Moving

Another important cost to factor in when you are selling your home is the costs of moving. The unfortunate truth is that unless you own very little possessions, you are going to have to pay a moving company to handle your home move. This can cost thousands of dollars depending on how much stuff you have to move and how far away you are moving. Anyone moving should create a budget to plan for surprise expenses. Don’t forget to include the costs of moving in this budget so they don’t surprise you at the last minute.

The Costs of Staging

The final cost that you should be aware of when you are selling your home is the costs of staging your home. If you have an open house, you may wish to have a professional stager decorate and furnish your home for the day or weekend to make it look absolutely perfect. This can easily cost over a thousand dollars just to attract buyers to your home. Keep in mind that staging can easily pay off by increasing the perceived value of your home.

Selling your home is going to cost you some money. Just how much money is going to depend on but planning ahead can keep you from being blindsided by the additional costs. Plan ahead for these three costs of selling your home so that you can be prepared for the realities of selling your home.

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