How to Get Your Home Ready for a Pet

Getting your first pet is an exciting time. Pets can make great companions. They are fun, funny, and loving. Pets can help you learn responsibility because most pets are entirely dependent on their owners for survival. If this is your first time getting a pet, then you want to be prepared. You’re going to need … Continued

How to Protect 3 Exterior Areas of Your Home from Summer Heat Damage

Summer sun can be a wonderful thing. It brings refreshing warmth after the bitter cold of winter. But just like too much sun can burn your skin, too much sun can damage your home. This might seem odd since your home is always exposed to the sun during the day, and it doesn’t use sunscreen, but it’s true. In fact, many components of your home rely on permanent “sunscreens” for protection. The following are three home areas prone to heat damage that you need to protect.

How to Prep Your Property for a Spring Showing

Some real estate professionals estimate that the best time to sell a home is the first two weeks of May. This gives sellers enough time to prepare their property for a spring showing. Once the winter weather has passed, it is your opportunity to repair and rejuvenate the exterior of your home.

How Can I Save Money on Heating and Cooling?

Aside from major home improvements or general repairs, the basic expense of heating and cooling your house is one of the greatest costs of owning a home. There’s not much choice about whether you use your AC in the summer heat or your heater during freezing winter weather. You do, however, have some control over … Continued

How to Help Your Kids Settle into Your New Home After a Move

Moving as an adult can be nerve-wracking, stressful, and also exciting. As a child, moving can be downright terrifying. Much of a child’s identity comes from their surroundings. This means that when a child is uprooted and moved to a new location, it can be very hard for them to process the situation. There are … Continued

What Should I Know About the Floors of My Home?

If you’re a homeowner, caring for your floor is something you don’t want to let slip through the cracks. Some types of flooring require a lot more effort to clean and protect than others. Knowing what types of flooring you have in your home and how to care for them is as important as being … Continued

Are These Outdoor Features Driving Down Your Property Value?

Good landscaping gives homebuyers the impression that you pay attention to detail and that your home is well maintained overall. If you want to quickly sell your home and get the full market value, there are some outdoor features that you should pay special attention to and some that you should avoid. Your Yard A … Continued