One of the biggest challenges in life is buying a real estate in Richmond,VA or renting a home. It is a heavy financial decision, that adults make. The costs of buying are more varied compared to renting. It is difficult to tell, which one of both possibilities is the better choice.

Our expertise is the real estate market in Richmond,VA. With us, you will get the only real estate client, that completely focuses on you.

The first step, before deciding which one of the options you choose, is to determine, if you qualify for a mortgage and if you have enough cash for a down payment. At the same time you should know, how much your closing costs will be and you should take some time for home inspections with us.

Test your cash liquidity

If you plan to buy a real estate in Richmond,VA than try this simple trick.

Basic test to see if you can afford your next real estate:

If the expected costs of the real estate (mortgage plus insurance, property taxes and maintenance) in Richmond,VA would exceed your current rent, than try to set the difference aside for a couple of months. 

If the money is not necessary for you and you don’t miss it, than we will help you to find a real estate in Richmond,VA, as quick as possible, because you don’t have to wait anything longer. 

Should the other case appears and you are stressed with the difference setting aside, than either dial back on your budget or wait longer to buy.

The benefits of owning a real estate in Richmond,VA

Once you buy your first real estate in Richmond,Va with the Wilson Group, your home equity will grow, as the home prices rise and as you pay down your mortgage.

Underneath you will find our exclusive real estate in Richmond,Va. Contact us for more information!





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