Location is just one of many important factors when purchasing property – along with price, size, quality, and the state of the local market, just to name a few. But certain buyers need to be extra aware of the location, and how important it can be to their situation. It’s always better to be sure that your environment is beneficial to you.

Young Families

When you have small children, or you are going to have small children in the near future, you need to have them as your priority. Small kids need a safe environment. You’re going to want to make sure that the neighborhood that you plan to move into has low rates of crime, street violence, and other such problems that can crop up in cities and certain suburbs. You are also probably going to want to look for a location with a good, safe bunch of schools nearby. If you’re planning on staying indefinitely, remember to look at middle schools and high schools, not only elementary schools.


Retirees, on the other hand, are in a very different situation. If you’re a retiree, you and your partner likely have no dependents and no children who are still living with you. That means that your location is going to depend a lot on what you and your partner want and/or need personally. Again, safety is of the utmost importance. But instead of schools, you’ll probably want to be aware of the location’s social resources. Your home should be close to healthcare facilities in case of a health emergency. You also will probably want a climate and an environment that encourages you to get out of the house and enjoy retirement.


If you’re looking to buy a property to make a little side money – whether from flipping or renting – the location is critical. One property in one city might be bought and sold in an entirely distinct market in another city. This can be the case even within the same state! Make sure you know how the housing market is trending in that precise location. Know how the location (and, for example, its proximity to schools and hospitals) will affect who will become your potential tenants.


Buying a house is a big step, both on the financial level and the social level. So, it’s only logical that you would do the most amount of work necessary to ensure the right move for you. Make sure that your priorities are straightened out before any transaction takes place.

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