Here you will find the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond Va. From festivals to the best streets for candy, here is a one stop shop for all things halloween.

Best Places For Trick Or Treating In Richmond Va

Are you Ready for the Best Places For Trick Or Treating In Richmond Va?

The pumpkins are carved, costumes are on, and tummies are hungry for candy. However, are you ready for Halloween in Richmond, Virginia this year? Well, we are! And we’ll help you find the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond Va. Also, we will help you find frights and scares, festivals and family friendly places to take your little ones. Events throughout the month lead up to the scariest, biggest candy grab of the year on the 31st. So, where are you going this year?


1900 Hanover Avenue

Hanover Avenue

First and foremost, locals know that the 1900 block of Hanover Avenue is one of the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond Va. Because the block party event dating back to the 1970s, this central location has long been a favorite. But, did you know that even the Wall Street Journal has named the Fan District neighborhood one of the best trick-or-treating spots in the NATION? From the article:

“If some neighborhoods in Richmond, Va., seem dark and quiet on Halloween, it may be because all the trick-or-treaters are lined up on a 1/4 mile stretch of Hanover Avenue. The 1900 block of two dozen row houses become a theme park of lights, life-size mummies and decorations. There might be a dance show, a live band or air cannons from a pirate ship that blows out Halloween candy. One year, neighbors decorated each of their homes as separate rooms of a haunted mansion.”

As expected, the block party begins at dusk on Halloween night, with residents sitting outside their homes to hand out sweets. All are welcome – not just those from the surrounding streets. In fact, neighbors have a long tradition of trying to out-do each other with decorations. This is what makes Hanover Ave one of the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond Va. Therefore, be prepared to see Freddy Krueger, a squad of Storm Troopers, or even the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

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Halloween on Hanover 2017

Taylor’s Spookie FunFest

If you can’t wait for the trick-or-treating to begin on Hanover, then join Richmond Parks & Recreation mascot, Taylor, for the Spookie FunFest. Actually, you can even choose from two dates: Friday, October 19, at Pole Green Park, or Poor Farm Park on Saturday, October 20. The time is 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm on both days.

The Spookie FunFest is one the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond Va for smaller tots to enjoy the spooks, treats, and famous friends. Why? Probably because only children under twelve are allowed! Not to mention, Shake your stuff with DJ Luke in the Monster Mash Dance area! Keep an eye out for Taylor’s famous friends – Disney princesses Belle, Ariel, and Elsa are all in attendance. Also, kids 3 to 12 can enjoy inflatables and rides to bounce off the sugary treats!

Clearly, Spookie FunFest is free. However, certain attractions cost a little extra. Casper’s Fun Hunt and Maze, designed for those 4 and under, will cost you. As the sun sets, kids 4 to 12 can pay a little more and enjoy the Flashlight Candy Hunt. Also, visit Tylor’s mini-pumpkin patch and select a pumpkin to decorate. This is a great event for children, as well as for those involved in growing Richmond’s small business community.

Henrico County Harvest Festival

Next, for fun the entire family can enjoy, head over to the annual Henrico County Harvest Festival. At one of the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond Va, enjoy the crisp fall beauty of Meadow Farm from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. Most noteworthy, this free event has combined with Glen Allen Day, incorporating two fun Henrico traditions into one event extravaganza. Some of the most popular events include signing up for the 5K fun run and watching the parade. Also, children are encouraged to dress in costumes and enjoy a straw maze, face painting, and even laser tag and a petting zoo!

Come hungry – there’s plenty of food vendors selling pork BBQ sandwiches, hot dogs, and even Bruster’s Real Ice Cream. After all, festivals aren’t festivals without great food! Additionally, you can ride the mechanical bull or experiment with airbrushed tattoos. There is live entertainment at the Harvest Festival, as well, including performances by Lumberjack Shows and Rainbow Rock Band. And, on the main stage at Glen Allen Day, come see School of Rock Short Pump or Mountain Highway. Head over to the community stage from 1:00 to 3:00 for a crowd favorite – Glen Allen’s Got Talent!

Many events are free; however, concessions and some of the games will cost a little extra. When you attend this joint day of festivities there are also vendor booths and a craft fair for getting an early start on holiday shopping. Lastly, the Harvest Festival includes living history demos such as basket weaving, blacksmithing, and apple pressing. So, if you’ve never had the opportunity to take a trip back to 18th century Richmond, this is a perfect opportunity.

Meadow Farm

Best Places For Trick Or Treating In Richmond Va

Halloween Spooktacular

Not everyone enjoys celebrating Halloween outdoors – and that’s great because the Richmond Symphony Orchestra has something unusual and fun planned to celebrate Halloween. The Halloween Spooktacular is a musical event on Saturday, October 27, at 11:00 am.

Come early – around 10:00am – and enjoy an “instrument petting zoo,” special trick-or-treat goodies, and a thrilling, yet spooky performance by the RSO. Children and adults are encouraged to attend in costume. There are interactive activities for the budding musician in your family, designed to enhance your concert-going experience. The pre-show exhibition is free; tickets to the performance may be purchased here. Don’t let the indoors fool you, this is one of the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond Va.

Dominion Energy Center

Haunted Henricus

However, if your Halloween is more ghostly and less fun and treats, you’ll love Haunted Henricus. First, bring little ones for age-appropriate spooks and scares on Friday, October 26 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. Children ages 3 to 8 will enjoy spending time in the historic Henricus historical park, with ghost stories just spooky enough to give them a little chill. This may not be a best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond Va, but it definitely worth noting its originality and spooky spin on most Richmond activities.

In contrast, for the older and braver souls, relive old English and Virginia Indian legends and folklore. Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, experience spellbinding storytelling. Sit fireside and listen to the stories of early Colonists, capturing the essence of living between 1607-1622. Alone, in a strange land, legends grew. The harvest is in, the nights grow longer and danger lurks in the shadows. You’ll meet with Transcend Paranormal, a local investigation team. They’ll tell you what’s been sighted in the Henricus park – and some things best left unseen.

The events are held at Henricus Historical Park, 251 Henricus Park Road, Chester. Tickets are available to purchase online. All tours are on a first come, first-serve basis leaving every 10-15 minutes with groups of 15-20 at a time. All in all, this is due to be a great time for all ages.

Trick or Treat Street

If ghosts and ghouls aren’t your thing, then swing by UR campus for Trick or Treat Street! In fact, many new parents that are taking their tiny tots here actually attended the event themselves as a child. That’s right, The University of Richmond’s Trick or Treat Street is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is definitely one of the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond, Va. Student Matt Isenburg, president of Trick or Treat Street says, “We have tons of exciting additions to this year’s Trick or Treat Street, including a haunted forest and a children’s train ride.”

This annual event is held Saturday, October 21 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Stern Plaza on campus. Local radio station Mix 98 is on hand to provide entertainment, a live broadcast, and judge the Pet Costume Contest. Yes, even Fluffy can participate. The event is free. Also, it is hosted by UR students. Although, guests are encouraged to make a $5 or $10 donation to the Ronald McDonald house at the event.

Oregon Hill

We’ve covered festivals, haunts, and even pet costume contests. However, you’re really here for the meat and potatoes of Halloween – where to go on the big night. Which neighborhood is one of the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond, Va?. Who has the best loot? Which are the safest? Most importantly – how much candy do you charge the kids for “Mom Tax”?

If Hanover Street is too busy and overwhelming, venture to the Oregon Hill district. You’ll find some of our town’s oldest wooden homes along the quaint streets. This sleepy community comes alive on Halloween night, with a tacky light tour and plenty of jumps and scares. Homes in this area are small, with short lawns, making candy collection fast and easy for those with little legs.

The community makes an event out of it – socializing in their driveways, sipping beer, and handing out little wrapped bags of goodies. It’s not overwhelming for small children and trick-or-treating starts early. In fact, if you plan to come, get here before 5:30 – parking can be difficult.

After your Oregon Hill experience, the All Saints Theater Company has  an annual Halloween parade through the area. Adults and kids alike thrill to the procession of stilt walkers, corpse brides, and gigantic puppets. The parade begins in Monroe Park at 7:00 pm and winds through Oregon Hill.

Popular Richmond Neighborhoods

Often, the most fun at Halloween is simply walking around your own neighborhood, meeting your friends, and letting your kids run around with their schoolmates. So, here are some insider tips for more popular neighborhoods:

North of the James River

If you’re in the north part of Richmond, don’t skip a stroll down Seminary Avenue – most notably, one of the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond, Va. This part of town can be a little spookier than the wilder Hanover or Museum District events – large gaps between streetlights lessens the “light pollution” and adds to the spookiness. In addition, wide, tree-lined Seminary Avenue is the most popular street. Mostly because, large houses full of generous occupants are waiting to give little ghouls and goblins plenty of candy.

The Museum District is a more low-key version of the Hanover Street extravaganza and definitely one of the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond Va. Why? Because, friendly neighbors wait outside on their porches while you stroll along the wide sidewalks. So, start around the 3100 or 3200 blocks of the Grove, Floyd, Hanover, Stuart, or Kensington. The fun peaks around Grove and Kensington; however, Kensington typically has less car traffic.

South of the James River

For those in Southside, there are a few different options. The area south of the James River is a little too large to narrow down to just one of the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond Va. Therefore, we will tell you of just a few. New Kent Avenue and Caledonia Road are said to be some of the better places to be. Pro tip: that four-block street between Westover Hills Boulevard and directly beyond Prince Edward Road is well-lit and safe. Of course, stay away from some of the roads with heavier traffic – parts of Forest Hill proper, Riverside Drive, and Westover Hills Boulevard are probably not your best options.

Just South of James River For Sale

Last But Definitely Not Least

Lastly, if you’ve noticed the increase in teal pumpkins sitting around town and are wondering what they are for? Well, wonder no longer. Because, a child carries a teal pumpkin to notify that they have food allergies of some kind. Sometimes, they are not allowed to accept candy, but that is not necessarily true all of the time. Sometimes, childrens’ parents are simply requesting or providing candy alternatives. So, if your child has food allergies, consider having them carry a plastic teal pumpkin as their collection bag. Maybe, enough people will know what it means and will be prepared! Almost guaranteed, teal pumpkins are sure to be found in the best places for Trick Or Treating in Richmond, VA.

The humble beginnings of The Teal Pumpkin Project started when founder, Becky Basalone wanted, “[t]o connect more with local families”, she continues, “I started a food allergy support group, the Food Allergy Community of East Tennessee (FACET). Our group attended an allergy-friendly “Trunk or Treat” and my family painted a teal pumpkin as part of our trunk decor.” Due to Basalone’s interest in connecting around this issue, the Teal Pumpkin Project was formed. Find the rest of the interview and history here.

As shown below, here are some options to consider having on hand as you give out treats this halloween:

After reading, Best Places For Trick Or Treating In Richmond Va, if you are thinking about selling your home, check out the most recent market report, here. And, if you want to target a specific Halloween happy area for your new home, click here, and search by zip code.

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