Good landscaping gives homebuyers the impression that you pay attention to detail and that your home is well maintained overall. If you want to quickly sell your home and get the full market value, there are some outdoor features that you should pay special attention to and some that you should avoid.

Your Yard

A landscaped yard adds curb appeal and increases buyer interest, so you should never neglect your yard. If you neglect to water your lawn or pull weeds, it will show in the form of brown, dry patches of grass and wild overgrowth. It is ideal to mow, water, and weed your lawn weekly.

The overall appearance of the yard is important. Make sure trees are healthy. If they are missing leaves or drooping, buyers will be concerned about the possibility of them falling later. Planting flowers at the front entrance and in other areas of the yard is an affordable way to add color. Opting for potted plants gives the new homeowner flexibility. Shrubs can add shade and offer privacy. They are relatively easy to maintain and shouldn’t require much water. Neatly placed and well-manicured shrubs will add value without breaking the bank.


Spruce up the driveway of your home prior to listing. Initially, you will need to remove any weeds or debris. If there are cracks in the driveway, weeds can pop up. Make sure that the driveway is finished and sealed. This will prevent weeds from growing through. Once the driveway is clean, you can repair any cracks that you find. Cracks in an old driveway give buyers the impression that they will have to make expensive repairs. It’s no secret that repairing it can improve the marketability of your home. You can purchase crack filler from home improvement stores. Be sure to measure the cracks first, and buy a product that is formulated for that width.

Outdoor Living Space

Whether for a backyard barbeque or simple relaxation, many people enjoy spending time outdoors. By installing an exterior feature, such as a patio, you can create a pleasant living space outside. At the same time, you will increase the home’s value. A deck is also an effective way to add a desirable selling feature.

The appearance of your yard can add curb appeal or completely turn buyers off. When you take care of needed yard repairs and add a few inexpensive touches, you can make your home more appealing at first sight.

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