Selling a house these days is hard work. How can you get everyone to see this amazing house if they don’t drive by or follow the signs? Easy! We can bring the house to them with the power of social media. Today, everyone is looking at their social media accounts to see what’s new in the world we live in. And what’s new now, is your house on the market! Here are five tips to take advantage of social media. 

Make a Status Update

The first and easiest thing to do is to simply tell your Facebook family, “Hey! Here’s a house for sale!” Include the address and some nice pictures to make sure to attract interest. Then, ask them to share it. You can also tag friends who you know are interested in buying a house or that have a larger following than you so that when they share it, it reaches more people. You can also add the link If the house is listed on a larger site, such as Zillow or Lastly, don’t forget the hashtags! Hashtags can lead someone who doesn’t know you but is looking for a house straight to your post. Examples can include #houseshopping, #houseforsale, and #housesales.


Facebook Recommendations

If you’re new to the social media world, you may not know what Facebook Recommendations even are or never knew they existed. Facebook Recommendations is where instead of commenting on Yelp styled review website, you can get your recommendations from your friends on Facebook! That way you know exactly who the reviews are because you know them as your friends. Facebook Recommendations is set to replace reviews on local business pages this year. How many times have you been on Facebook and someone is asking for a recommendation on a new place to eat, shop, or find a home? Now your business will have the opportunity to attract even more eyes with the help of Facebook Recommendations.

Create a Photo Album

Social media is a visual place and in order to really grab and keep attention, use a lot of images. The more pictures, the better. Videos are even better! Take a walking tour through the house so everyone can see how special this property really is. Add commentary highlighting the best parts of the house. With video, you can also add it to YouTube and IGTV on Instagram, with the help of the services of For each property, create a different album with the address as the title. Make sure to list it as “public” so everyone will get a chance to see and share it. 

Make an Open House Event

Open houses are a popular way to showcase your property in person. By creating an event on Facebook, everyone will be able to see the details. Invite as many of your Facebook friends as possible. If your friends are coming or even interested, it appears on the walls of their friends, so more people get the opportunity to see what’s going on! Make sure that the privacy of the event is set to “public” to ensure the maximum amount of coverage. For even more exposure, create a flyer and post it in your status update and your Facebook Story as well as your Instagram Page and Story. 

Add a Personal Touch

What’s so special about Facebook is that it all about real people living real lives. Share with your following what’s around the home? Is there a park for children and dogs to play? Are the neighbors nice? Is there shopping close by? Paint for them what living in the house is like.

Social media is a powerful tool when you use it wisely. All of the opportunities to reach a wider audience and selling your house has become easier than ever before. Make the most of your social media accounts today!

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