Virginia’s capital Richmond is a beautiful historic city, where you can find gardens, museums, restaurants and attractions.

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Maymont, Richmond,VA

Maymont is a charming preserved estate. The garden is open to the public for a pure enjoyment. James and Sallie Dooley, who lived here from 1893 through 1925 donated this beautiful place. This museum is full of memories. 500.000 people visit it every year and you have to take a look insigt the mansion, to see how they lived. 33 rooms on 4 floors show exactly, how the Dooley’s loved this place. Whether going through the gardens, visiting the mansion or picnicking on the lawn, Maymont is a real gift of 100 acres for all to enjoy.

Address & Contact: 1700 Hampton Street, Richmond, Virginia, Phone: 804-358-7166

Virginia Aviation Museum Richmond,VA

Based at the international airport of Richmond,VA the museum is dedicated to showcase the history of flight. The collection of aircraft’s is huge, at this museum. You can find also old vintage aircraft’s, including the famous reproduction of the Wright brothers 1903 Flyer. There is also an aviation hall of fame, which you should not miss!

Address & Contact: 5701 Huntsman Road, Richmond International Airport, Richmond, Virginia, Phone: 804-236-3622

Real Richmond,VA Food Tours

You should definitely experience a real food tour in Richmond,Va. The two and a half hour walking tour will bring you to popular eateries, where a lot of delicious possibilities wait for you. Tour goers will also see the historical and cultural development, which this fascinating city has to offer.

Richmond National Battlefield Park

The park shows you the involvement of Richmond,Va during the Civil War. There are different battlefields. The park has 80 square miles with 13 separate battle sites. You can explore the park by walking, driving and guided tours. This park is also committed to education, with hands on activities and trips for students.

Address & Contact: 3215 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia, Phone: 804-226-1981

If you enjoyed this beautiful places and you think of moving to Richmond,VA, than contact us. We are the only real estate client, that focus only on you!


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