Building a home is likely the most expensive thing you will ever do. But the features and additions you plan for your home will increase its value, thus increasing your equity. Additions to a home can also significantly increase a home’s value. Discuss finishing your basement, adding green features, and building a second story with your home builder to increase your home’s utility and value.

A Finished Basement 

Homes that have an unfinished basement waste space and utility. Finishing your basement is an investment that generates a huge return, as the average return on investment for a finished basement is 75%. A finished basement is a major feature future home buyers want. Increase your home’s value and usable square footage by finishing your basement. If you are unsure of what features to add to your basement, consult a builder for numerous ways you can renovate the space to benefit your lifestyle.

Green Features

Green living has become increasingly popular. It not only lessens impact on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, but it also increases your home’s efficiency and lowers your utility costs. Talk with your builder to see what features you can add to your home to make it more energy efficient and sustainable. Sustainable homes meet Energy Star standards to create the most efficiency. Consider solar, energy efficient windows and doors, Energy star appliances, and smart thermostats to increase your home’s green features.

Second Story 

One of the biggest home additions you can do is adding a second story to your house. Depending on the size and extent of the renovation, you can expect it to cost anywhere from $60,000-$600,000. Adding a second story will significantly increase your square footage, utility, and the resale value of your home whether you are adding a loft, a few extra bedrooms and bathrooms, or workspace. This project is definitely something you would need to consult with a builder, however, to develop plans and obtain the necessary permits to include in construction.

At the core of a house is a home that expresses who you are and your lifestyle. Rather than moving each time you outgrow a space, consider adding on with the help of a home builder. Home additions will increase home value, utility, and overall satisfaction with where you live. Consult your home builder about the additions that would improve your living space!

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