Life is full of challenging moments. Selling your home is one such moment. There are so many decisions that go into selling a house; it can be a huge challenge from a logistical standpoint. Some decisions are easier to make than others. Which decisions are the toughest will be different for different people, but some are more likely to be at the top of the list than others.

Letting Go of Your Home

If the sheer number of decisions involved in selling your home wasn’t enough, there’s also the emotional element of letting go of your home. You have to let go of your home emotionally if you want to have a chance at feeling good about selling it and moving on. This is easier said than done, of course. The memories you have of your home are what made it so much more than just a house. Take pictures of different rooms and document your stories. That way you can keep the memories long after you’ve sold the house.

Determine a Proper Value

Figuring out what price to set for your home can be tricky. If you ask for too much, you won’t attract many offers, if you get any at all. If you don’t ask for enough, you’ll short yourself the money you could have gotten relatively easily. Your asking price should be in line with your home’s value. Looking at comparable homes in your area can give you an idea of what your home is worth. You could also look at property value assessments, such as those done by the county assessor when determining property taxes.

Deciding Which Offer to Accept

Odds are you’ll probably get multiple offers for your home, and none of them will be exactly the same as another. That means you’ll have to decide which offer to accept. You might think that’s an easy decision to make–just accept the highest offer. That’s not always the best decision to make though. Offers may come with different types of contingencies that allow a buyer to back out of the offer under certain circumstances. As such, a high offer with a contingency may not be as good as a lower offer without any contingencies.


Selling a home is rarely easy. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all on your own if you don’t want to. Find a good real estate agent to work with. Their experience and expertise can make even the toughest home-selling decisions easier to make. Just remember, you’re the one calling the shots at the end of the day.

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