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Thank you for taking the time to speak with me the other day, and look forward to meeting you tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.  Here is some information I like to send out before hand for your review.  Enjoy

So you have decided to sell your home, and now the fun begins on preparing the home for market, getting organized, getting ready for showings, but the question we get asked the most is “How We Help You Sell Your Home?”

Our Approach

Our approach is quite simple in our mind.  We are straight to the point with the information, and telling you what you NEED to hear, NOT, what you WANT to hear, and this includes the good, the bad, & the ugly. Our clients love this about us, and appreciate it.  If your Realtor is telling you everything you want to hear, take a pause, because in Real Estate, the answers are not always so satisfying.


🤝Meet & Greet

We like to start with a no obligation/no pressure meet & greet. This is our opportunity to visit with each other, get to know your goals, and view the home in person.  The reason your goals are important is it becomes our focus for being a part of you achieving them.

🏠Home Preparation

Your home should show like a model home.  Hide the clutter, get it organized, and ready for others to vision themselves living in their new home.  Our goal for this task is to assist and provide as much advice that is needed to prepare for your home’s photo/video shoot.

📸Photo & Video Session

Our pet peeve is BAD LISTING PHOTOS!!! There is no excuse for your Realtor to not use a professional photographer.  Almost all home buyers are searching for their new home online, and on their smart phone.  If the pictures don’t grab their attention, or look inviting, they will never schedule an appt, or call their Realtor to show.  We have one shot at a first impression, so we have to get it right.

We hire a professional company that specializes in listing photography, and we pay extra for video, and drone video as needed.  We want to showcase your home in the best possible way, and have great options for when we are marketing your home. It also helps get your home sold fast once it looks great because buyers, and other Realtors will be excited to view your home.

Check out some examples below of our video tours of recent home we placed on market. ( ppssstt….we were able to have both of these homes under contract in 4 days)



📣Getting The Home On Market

Now that we have the beautiful pictures, and video, now it’s time to get it on the actual market.  Most Realtors think that just because we have a hot market, that simply placing it in the MLS will suffice.  WRONG! We take it further.  Once we get it listed in the MLS, we actually pick up the phone, and start calling other Realtors in the area of the new home listing bringing their attention to your home.  

In addition, we also utilize closed networking groups, as well as local Realtor networking groups we are part of to advertise and market your listing.

Other efforts of marketing your home for sale include advertising on all forms of social media & blogs, including the video tours.

Success also comes in the way of Facebook targeted marketing.  We utilize Facebook ads to market your home in your neighborhood, and to capture potential buyer’s information for us to follow up.

🗣Showings and Feedback

Once it’s time to start showings, we utilize an online showing appointment management system that allows other Realtors to request their showing.  Upon us receiving these notifications, we will communicate with you for confirmations. 

Keep in mind, that we are working together to sell your home, so we should accommodate as much as possible for showing requests

Once Realtors have shown the home, we will reach out for feedback.  We always try at least 3 times for this feedback, and sometimes we just don’t get any back.  As soon as we do, we communicate that with you right way.  Again, the good, and the not so good feedback is coming your way.  

📝Under Contract and Next Steps

Congratulations are in order now for getting your home under contract.  Here is where the work really kicks in.

  • We ensure all required documents are obtained, and signed off on, and you have received your copy of all contracts.
  • We will forward the contract to the closing attorney of your choice, or if you prefer, use our recommendations.
  • Ensure that all times lines are met such as appraisal orders, home inspections, termite inspections, and so on.
  • Work with you, and the buyer’s side to negotiate home inspection contingency.
  • Continuously follow up to make sure closing on time is happening.

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