Why Real Estate in Richmond,Va?

The stunning atmosphere of Richmond delights with charm, diversity and constant activities. Richmond’s neighborhoods are the showpiece of the capital of Virginia (VA).  The city is known for the significant bank and finance residence. Traditionally also many law firms are located here. The company headquarter of Philip Morris is also in this lovely town.

Did you know? According to Zillow Richmond is the nation’s 4th hottest real estate market in 2016.

What makes Richmond so unique?

The commercial corridors of the city are unique, vibrant and offer a lot of historical background. You can explore a lot of shopping, dining, learning and living in this beautiful area.  The rebirth and growth of the real estate development can be seen especially at ten places.

  • The Boulevard:

As one of the prime gateways of Richmond,Va it offers major tourist destination. The Boulevard is also encircled by thriving neighborhoods. Tourists and Locals walk along the Boulevard to watch a baseball game of the “Flying Squirrels” at the Diamond or to watch a movie at the Bow Tie Cinemas. The cultural part also doesn’t come to short, as it offers visitors Virginia’s finest museums. Flying Squirrels Stadium

  • Broad Street Downtown:

When it comes to shopping in central Virginia, no one can pass without going to the Broad Street Downtown commercial corridor. It is also a growing hotspot for art, culture and culinary events. If you wish entertainment you can go to five different venues. From a real estate prospective, this area has been redeveloped in the past and is now building a rise. New residential development is taking progress for the nearby neighborhoods.

  • Brookland Park Boulevard:

Built in 1890s, this Boulevard is currently enjoying renewal by public and private investors. The real estate and income growth of the town brought new residents moving into the neighborhoods. This positive effect raised the value of this Boulevard and produced a major real estate investment for sustainable growth in the future. It also benefits from Richmond International Raceway traffic.

  • Carytown:

In this region, there are 300 unique shops, health and beauty salons and restaurants. It also offers cultural events, as it is host to the French Film Festival and the Watermelon Festival. The Watermelon Festival is an one-day event, that 100.000 people visit every year. This district is also the heart of Richmond’s retail offerings and from a real estate view, it is a consistent and popular tourist destination.

  • Libbie & Grove:

It is a rapidly growing suburban hub for boutiques and restaurants. “The Avenues” are surrounded by precious residential areas. Located industries are health care (St. Mary’s Hospital) and education sector (University of Richmond).

  • Hull Street:

The Manchester corridor was an independent city and major seaport until 1910, when it was consolidated with the city of Richmond (VA). It offers a desirable riverfront location and beautiful city views, which is popular for real estate investors. The street is a growing commercial hub and there is a movement to this area of shops, restaurants and condos.

  • Shockoe:

It is the most historic riverside commercial center in the country. Known for a hotspot for shopping, dining and nightlife, it is also on the rise of residential. This area is also famous for several successful companies. A train-restoration is also in progress, as 25 million dollars are invested to restore the Main Street Station to create a modern way of transportation.

  • Upper Hull Street:

Located at the Richmond – Chesterfield Country boarder, it’s a key gateway into the city.  There are elementary and middle schools. It’s a fast-growing Hispanic business corridor. Nearby VA Medical Center serves 200.000 veterans.

  • Forest Hill Avenue

Developed in the late 1930s to serve the new residents living in the surrounding neighborhoods, this commercial district is located south of the James River. The James River Park System is a tourist magnet, as it is welcoming one million visitors per year.

  • 25th & Nine Mile

One of the most historic places of Richmond (VA) is also a key factor for the city gateways, as it connects travelers from northeast into key business districts. Since five years it became significant public and private attention, due to the real estate improvement and the comprehensive long-range planning.

Places to visit at Richmond, Va

  • Belle Isle
  • Virginia State Capitol
  • Museum of the Confederacy
  • Valentine Museum
  • Tredegar Iron Works
  • Edgar Allan Poe-Museum
  • Johns Church
  • Monument Avenue
  • Cathedral of the Sacred Hear
  • Virginia Holocaust Museum
  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
  • Science Museum

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”

 — Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. president

The most attractive Richmond, Va real estate properties

1.        The Fan

This beautiful place is home to young families and students. A hot tip for real estate properties is Grove Avenue, West Avenue. Living there is not cheap, but there are good public schools nearby. A friendly neighborhood with restaurants, retail stores is also a benefit. Check out Fan District Homes For Sale

2.      Woodland Heights

You can find this beautiful place across the James River in Southside. 5 Minutes away is the heart of Downtown. The vibrant community of nowadays, falls in the category of urban and suburban. The place to be is called “Riverside Drive”, which is known for diverse architecture and neighbor diversity.

3.      Oregon Hill

Famously known for a working-class neighborhood, especially the Cherry Street is interesting for real estate lovers in Richmond, Va. It also offers spectacular views from the downtown and the James River.

4.      Bellevue

This region is at the edge of Richmond,Va (North) and offers you a suburban lifestyle. If you have interest into buying real estate in that area, look at the Pope Avenue and Lakeside.

5.      Westham

Built in the 1940s – 1950s as the city was looking to expand more westward. Westham boarders to the University of Richmond, VA and is home of elegant estates. If you are looking to live at an easy access to shopping centers, nearby private schools, then this place is right for you. A real estate tip is the Highland Road.


Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.”

— Andrew Carnegie, billionaire industrialist




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