🏠❓Should I Sell My Home Now?

Should I Sell My Home Now? You may be considering selling your home this year – maybe it’s time to downsize, maybe you’re relocating, or you’ve heard that the real estate market benefits sellers in your area. Whatever your reason, 2018 is shaping up to be a great year to put your home on the market – … Continued

🏡How To Get Pre-Approved For A Home Loan In Richmond, Va.

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When you begin the home-buying process, the very first thing you should do – before hiring a realtor or going to open houses – is to ensure that you can, in fact, get a mortgage for your house. Many realtors will find it hard to help you without financing, and sellers often won’t entertain an … Continued

💸How Does My Realtor Get Paid

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How Does My Realtor Get Paid? We know that Realtors work on commission. But how, exactly, does that work? For most buyers and sellers, you could be wondering “How Does My Realtor Get Paid?” Sellers know they pay the commission, but how exactly does that work? Here’s a primer on real estate commissions; although each … Continued

🏡How We Help You Sell Your Home

So you have decided to sell your home, and now the fun begins on preparing the home for market, getting organized, getting ready for showings, but the question we get asked the most is “How We Help You Sell Your Home?” Our Approach Our approach is quite simple in our mind.  We are straight to … Continued

What Is Involved In A Home Inspection [RVA 2017]

A home inspection is very important when preparing to buy, sell, or finance real estate. For the buyer, it ensures that the lending bank has solid collateral. For a seller, it can help substantiate the asking price. Finally, when you are looking to refinance a mortgage or to borrow against your home’s equity, you will … Continued

Important Things to Know as a First Time Home Buyer

Excited doesn’t even begin to cover what you’re probably feeling right now as a first time home buyer. At the same time, you’re aware of what’s involved, the investment you’re making, and the magnitude of the commitment. You’re doing your homework, conducting research, gathering information, and paving your path to home ownership. You’re off to … Continued

Benefits of Home Ownership in Richmond, VA

Why it is important to us The Wilson Group is the only real estate client in Richmond,Va that completely focuses on You. Together we will elaborate the right property for you. We have pointed out some benefits of home ownership in Richmond,Va This 5 benefits should be on your watch list, when it comes to … Continued

Your personal real estate in Richmond, Va advantages

The real estate market “Real estate market” is unfortunately a general topic, like the motor vehicle for example. When you think of it you will include in the topic motorcycles, Harley Davidson, BMW, Ferrari or Lamborghini, as also trucks. Just like that is also the real estate market. There you will find also complete different … Continued

Real Estate, The True Secret to Getting Rich in Virginia

Financial Freedom

The Cash Flow Quadrant The Cash Flow Quadrant was invented by Robert T. Kiyosaki and is a guide to financial freedom. It basically says, that you should try to change sites from employee and self-employed to big business (500 employees) and/or investor. What is financial freedom? Economic independence means that your life costs can be covered … Continued

Things to do on a date

Dates should always be planned ahead. We provide you with some useful tips, which places might be interesting to have a great date in Richmond,VA. The Best Restaurant in Richmond,VA Lemaire Restaurant This restaurant is a new restaurant, that offers fresh and modern specialties to one of the most attractions of Richmond,VA the Jefferson Hotel. … Continued